Our Offices

Italy Workshops occupies an historic home in downtown Salt Lake City, along with Busath Studio & Gardens.  You can reach a friendly person in our front office Tuesday-Friday 10am-6pm MST.

701 East South Temple St.
Salt Lake City, UT  84102


Italy Workshops was founded by professional photographer Drake Busath in 1999.  At the time, Drake was frequently invited to teach photography around the U.S.  He got talking with some friends – also on the speaking circuit – Michael Taylor and Helen Yancy and asked, “why not teach in more inspiring places?” The first village tour, set in Tuscany, filled immediately and since then over 600 photographers of all experience levels have participated.

Drake has photographed Italy for 4 decades, since living in Tuscany and Veneto in the late 1970’s.  Speaking the language and having long-standing friendships in Italy has allowed him to create a more intimate experience for his guests.  He explains, “The workshops are really just an elaborate excuse to travel the way I like each year… with small friendly groups,  avoiding touristy areas and sharing my favorite secrets spots “.    More about Drake

Tuscany photo workshop

Our Mission 

First and foremost, Italy Photo Workshops aim is to help you to see and create fine photographs.  Most of the “capture” learning happens in the field as we photograph together.   A little class time is also critical to the learning experience.  Sharing our images each day and receiving immediate feedback is essential for growth.  Attendees tell me that our daily screenings and critique make a huge difference in their own work.

Second, we provide an authentic cultural experience.  This means getting beyond the big cities and tourists traps.  Veteran travelers know how much more rewarding and relaxing it is to escape the crowds.

Finally, we want the non-photographer partners who join us to have a wonderful vacation with plenty to do and see.  Ours is not one of those boot-camp style workshops where partners are waiting around all the time, or dragged off at 4AM to a sunrise shoot.  Instead, we’ve developed our tours with non-photographer partners in mind.  We start with good hotels, great amenities and a relaxed schedule.  Attesting to this is the 75% return rate of our clients with partners.  This past fall season in fact, every one of our attendees had been with us on a previous Italy Workshop.


riviera,cinque terre,liguria,camogli

Workshop Locations

Week-long Italy Photo Workshops have taken place in the regions of Tuscany, Umbria, the Venetian Lagoon, Lakes Como & Orta, Portofino Coast and Cinque Terre (Italian Riviera), Val d’Aosta (Italian Alps), the Dolomite Mountains,  Amalfi Coast and the Puglia region.  Recently we’ve added workshops in Loire Valley, France with the help of local guide and friend Marie Heiss.

All Experience Levels Welcome


Novice and advanced photographers mingle in our workshops. Our groups are small and most workshops have a teaching assistant, so that one-on-one instruction is always available and everyone can work at their own speed. Participants have included nationally known US photographers, professionals from Australia, Hong Kong, Korea, Norway, England, along with amateurs from advanced all the way to complete novice. All are welcome!

Partners Welcome


Your spouse or partner can come along and enjoy this trip, unlike most typical “boot-camp” photo workshops. Oodles of creative free-time means time for partners to shop, explore and sit in sidewalk cafes soaking in local flavors. Wine tastings, cooking classes, beach access, spa treatments, pool time and hiking trails are options available, depending on the workshop.

Independent and Deeply Experienced

These days there are lots of “photo-tour” options.  Many depend on good tour-companies to organize their trip.   We’ve learned however, that tour-company priorities are different than photographers priorities.  This is the reason we create our own itineraries and drive ourselves.

Other tours are offered by large companies who hire photographers to come and teach.  Some are very good image makers, but few speak the language and truly know the territory.  Over 18 years presenting workshops in Italy, fluency in Italian and friendships developed along the way have been the key to our success.  We are able go wherever we want, stay as long as we want, experiencing the very sweetest spots,  in the very best light.