Italy Photo Workshops & Village Tours are designed as great vacations for photographers/artists and their partners.

Our mission: 

First and foremost, Italy Photo Workshops mission is to help you to see and create fine photographs.  Most of the “capture” learning happens in the field as we photograph together.   A little class time is also critical to the learning experience.  Sharing our images each day and receiving immediate feedback is essential for growth.  Attendees tell me that our daily screenings and critique make a huge difference in their own work.

Second, we want to provide an authentic cultural experience.  This means getting ourselves beyond the big cities and tourists traps.  Veteran travelers know how much more rewarding and relaxing it is to escape the crowds.

Finally, we want the non-photographer partners who join us to have a wonderful vacation with plenty to do and see.  Ours is not one of those boot-camp style workshops where partners are waiting around all the time, or dragged off at 4AM to a sunrise shoot.  Instead, we’ve developed our tours with non-photographer partners in mind.  We start with good hotels, great amenities and a relaxed schedule.  Attesting to this is the 75% return rate of our clients with partners.  This past fall season in fact, every one of our attendees had been with us on a previous Italy Workshop.


My name is Drake Busath and I’m the founder of Italy Photo Workshops.  In 1999 I had been teaching photography seminars and conventions for a decade or so, when I decided, “why not a hands-on workshop in more inspiring places?”  The first village tour, set in Tuscany, filled immediately and since then over 600 photographers of all experience levels have participated.  Over the years we have carefully refined the schedules, but the “village concept” and the casual, “traveling with friends” philosophy has stuck, explaining why most of our participants are alumni, many many returning 5 and 6 times. Read some of their comments.

Personally I have photographed Italy for 38 years, since living in Tuscany and Veneto in the late 1970’s. Learning the language and developing friendships with local people has been extremely rewarding for me.  The workshops have really just been my excuse to travel the way I want to a few times each year.  For me that means steering clear of crowds and long drives common to most European tours.  More creative time, more sidewalk cafes and evenings at overlooks… Less packing and unpacking,  and checking in and out of hotels, thats my Italy Workshops credo.  More about Drake

Where we go

Italy Photo Workshops I have guided include Tuscany, Umbria, Venetian Lagoon, Lakes Como & Orta, Portofino Coast and Cinque Terre (Italian Riviera), Val d’Aosta (Italian Alps), the Amalfi Coast and the Puglia region.  Recently we’ve added workshops in France with the help of our French friend Marie Heiss. Loire Valley and “Village Paris” have filled right up the past two years.   In 2015, travel photographer Joel Addams guided our first photo-trekking ventures the Dolomite Alps of northern Italy.  Our trekking photo tours are best in “micro-size” groups for our more adventurous clients.

All experience levels are welcome

Novice and advanced photographers mingle in our workshops. Our groups are small and most workshops have a teaching assistant, so that one-on-one instruction is always available and everyone can work at their own speed. Participants have included nationally known US photographers, professionals from Australia, Hong Kong, Korea, Norway, England, along with amateurs from advanced all the way to complete novice. All are welcome!. Watch a video of participants and their images

Partners love this trip

Your spouse or partner can come along and enjoy this trip, unlike most typical “boot-camp” photo workshops. Oodles of creative free-time means time for partners to shop, explore and sit in sidewalk cafes soaking in local flavors. Wine tastings, cooking classes, beach access, spa treatments, pool time and hiking trails are options available, depending on the workshop.

Not a typical tour group

In recent years, many have tried to imitate Italy Photo Workshops.  Most depend on a tour company to organize the trip.  We learned long ago that tour company priorities are different than those of photographers, so we’ve created these itineraries ourselves.  Seventeen years of workshops in Italy, fluency in Italian and friendships developed along the way have been the key to our success.  We are able to spend less time packing, unpacking and moving, and more time experiencing the sweetest spots,  in the best light.