Allison Tyler Jones

Allison Tyler Jones

Special Guest Instructor Sept 2023

Allison Tyler Jones, CPP, M. Craftsman

Allison Tyler Jones is not normal. She does NOT shoot on location and she does NOT sell printable, digital files; but she DOES own one of the most profitable portrait studios in the country.  Allison designs large format wall art, family galleries and custom albums for her client’s homes. 

Author of four books on photography, her most recent, 100% Kid: A Photographer’s Guide to Capturing Children in A Whole New Light (Peachpit Press) focuses on creating great lighting while capturing great expression in littles of all ages. Allison’s  immediately-recognizable photographic style is “lifestyle-meets-commercial-with-a-dose-of-chaos.” She calls it “Art That Happens to Be Your Family”. 

Allison believes you can have it all. You can create beautiful work AND have a successful business too. Running your own business is hard and Allison is excited to share her down-to-earth, practical advice to help make your business the best it can be.