Chuck & Kathie Horman

Chuck & Kathie Horman
March 5, 2017 Drake Busath

This was not our first experience with Italy Workshops. We had already done six workshops in Italy, including one with our children and their spouses. And, we plan to do it again! We love seeing the world with Drake while learning new skills.

We loved our photo workshop in France almost as much as the one in Ravello, Italy. The hotel in Fontevraud, with the wonderful smells, was our favorite. We had a large, comfortable room and loved the countryside location; the food there was delicious. Traveling by minivan worked well and we liked it better than a large bus. The size of our group was just right and the other guests were especially compatible. The selection of the areas we visited was everything we expected, and our photos are proof of that. The workshops were very informative and Drake and Joel were both knowledgeable and very helpful. We are in awe of the Loire Valley and now want to go back.

We have a new appreciation of subject lighting and the challenge of getting the perfect image is what we both needed. Marie is perfect for negotiating France. She is so knowledgeable and darling.  Rod was always carrying our luggage and doing all he could to help us. The staff exceeded our expectations. The meals included in the package were fabulous in the restaurants. The picnics were fun and we ate too much!

The hotel in Saumur was beautiful as well. The Loire River was just across the street and we got some incredible night shots. We saw unexpected and wonderful places tourists wouldn’t ordinarily see.