Italy Workshops Blog

  • Dolomites photography workshop

    Dutch Photographer Wendy Janssen in the Dolomites

    September 2019 I joined the Dolomites tour of Drake Busath’s Italy Workshops, together with my mom. Despite I’m Dutch, I didn’t know Europe has such beautiful spots!!! When I say it’s a real ‘pearl of the world’, I’m absolutely not exaggerating. Drake knows how to put variety in the program,…

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  • Puglia--Locorotondo Drake Busath

    Is the Light is Better in Southern Italy?

    The first time I wandered into the region of Puglia, on the heel of Italy’s boot,  I was drawn by the Trulli houses, the cone shaped stone houses and barns.  I had seen pictures and just couldn’t believe this was in Italy, the home of squared up palazzi and castelli. …

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  • Matera-Drake Busath-Italy Photo Workshops

    Matera, The Most Magical Hill-town in Italy

    I never feel luckier than when I’m walking the streets of Matera, this magical town, in the deep south of Italy.   As a part of our Puglia Workshop, we include 3 days here, just over the border into the region of Basilicata.  We stay in the center of the…

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  • How This Abstract Painter Uses His iPhone

    Rod Heiss is a prolific abstract painter. Because he had he good sense to marry our local guide in the Loire Valley, Marie Deforge, he gets to hang out with our bunch of photographers every September in France.  I’m always fascinated to see where he points his camera and his…

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  • Saul Pleeter / Images from Puglia and Basilicata

    I got to know Saul Pleeter when he came to the Portofino Coast workshop some years ago.  Since then he’s become a great friend and we’ve photographed together all over Italy.  On this trip, along with his wife Elizabeth we explored a ghost town in the region of Basilicata named…

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  • Dona Menton / Images from Puglia

    Dona shows us a very personal view of Puglia with her choice of close-ups and abstractions.  Her photographs appeal to me because they say a lot about Dona as an artist… the observations she made along the way that hundreds of others passed by without noticing. Bravissima!

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  • Kit Smith / Images from Puglia

    Kit Smith loves adventure travel and has seemingly been everywhere.  He’s become an accomplished photographer along the way.  Lucky for me he’s  joined us for several trips in Italy and France over the years.  A physician by trade, he’s a fun guy to travel with because he absorbs new idea…

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  • Randy Lewis / Images from the Amalfi Coast

    Take a peek at this collection of images by Randy Lewis, a member of our last Amalfi Coast workshop and a favorite travel buddy.  I love the continuity of this collection and it’s simplicity.  It reads as the Amalfi Coast without ever showing the coastline,  just by focusing on the…

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  • Letting go of the third dimension

    People wonder why I’m staring at the wall.  It’s usually somewhere in Italy and I have my camera aimed at the nondescript side of the building. People pause, hoping to see a fascinating spider or something, then move on disappointed. For the last 15 years or so,  I’ve been fascinated…

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  • Italy Private photo tour

    Slow Down the Photo Tour Please

    I recently came across a photo-tour someone is offering.  Five of the most crowded places in all of Italy, all in 8 days.  UGHHHH! Well-meaning photo tour companies schedule too many places in too little time and too far apart.  Inevitably guests don’t truly experience any of the locations.  You…

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