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  • Burano Italy photo workshop-8612

    Letting go of the third dimension

    People wonder why I’m staring at the wall.  It’s usually somewhere in Italy and I have my camera aimed at the nondescript side of the building. People pause, hoping to see a fascinating spider or something, then move on disappointed. For the last 15 years or so,  I’ve been fascinated…

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  • Matera Sassi-Drake Busath photo workshop

    Matera is a must-see for photographers

    I can’t say why I’m so lucky but in May I got to spend another 3 days photographing Matera, in the region of Basilicata, Italy.  It gets better every time.  This time our little workshop group stayed in the center of the “sassi”, the caves that are the prehistoric foundation…

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  • Italy Private photo tour

    Slow Down the Photo Tour Please

    I recently came across a photo-tour someone is offering.  Five of the most crowded places in all of Italy, all in 8 days.  UGHHHH! Well-meaning photo tour companies schedule too many places in too little time and too far apart.  Inevitably guests don’t truly experience any of the locations.  You…

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