Intense 9 days

Intense 9 days
March 5, 2017 Drake Busath

The Italy Workshop is weeks behind me and I am STILL enjoying and using what I learned in those intense nine days. I left home with some good basic camera skills but I returned home feeling like my camera was part of my body! My skill level took a giant leap forward in both taking photos well and post-production skills. I have come home with literally thousands of photos that I am giddy proud of! People comment to me that I “probably took some great pictures” and I laugh and tell them that I have dozens and dozens of winners. I’m not bragging about MY ability but on the instruction that I received that made it all possible.

I really loved our “classroom” time. It was as if the instructors wanted to pour out all their knowledge for me to absorb. Every night I was so tired but extremely pumped from all I had learned about “seeing” and shooting photos, including thinking outside the box to create photographs that would express my Italian experience. Studying with some of the BEST could be intimidating yet I found Drake to be professional in every way and extremely approachable. I loved having Randy there to teach post-production skills. I learned Lightroom before the trip, but Randy stretched my abilities to help me improve my presentations.

My husband very much enjoyed himself too even though he is not a photographer. He loves art history so he was happy to explore on his own while I was busy learning. I am more of a village person so I actually preferred our rural setting. I just loved that we focused on small hill towns that were quaint and easy to walk. Also, you could wander off by yourself knowing that you would bump into others easily all day.

All of the villages had their own personalities so I’m not sure I have a favorite. The festival at San Gimignano was a great perk! It really threw me into the spirit of being in a very different place that is drenched in history. Another “pinch me” moment was the early morning shoot – sunrise, field of horses, deep colors coming alive on the horizon. What’s not to love? Thank you so very much Drake, Randy & Jamie for taking me to the next level in enjoying and making beautiful photographs!!