Wendy Janssen

Wendy Janssen
February 16, 2020 Drake Busath

September 2019 I joined the Dolomites tour of Drake Busath’s Italy Workshops, together with my mom. Despite I’m Dutch, I didn’t know Europe has such beautiful spots!!! When I say it’s a real ‘pearl of the world’, I’m absolutely not exaggerating.

Drake knows how to put variety in the program, that is also hosted by the Italian Mauro Riva. You won’t only see mountains: villages, lakes and churches on breathtaking Disney-like spots are kind of ‘habit of the day’… It’s all included and you will get spoiled by it ;-). Together with fabulous food, very good workshop support by a large crew and amazingly kind participants this week has been unforgettable, for me and my mother. 

Oh and… It doesn’t matter from which country you are, as long as you speak a bit of English (or Italian), you will be fine!!! 

Hopefully we will meet again!

Wendy Janssen- Holland