Letting go of the third dimension

Letting go of the third dimension
December 3, 2018 Drake Busath

People wonder why I’m staring at the wall.  It’s usually somewhere in Italy and I have my camera aimed at the nondescript side of the building. People pause, hoping to see a fascinating spider or something, then move on disappointed.

Montepulciano photo workshop Drake Busath

Wall Art in Montepulciano

For the last 15 years or so,  I’ve been fascinated with two-dimensional architecture.  Squaring up to a wall with my camera and organizing the lines of its doors, windows and exterior plumbing is a simple pleasure.

I’ve come to love these “wall art” photographs, maybe because its refreshing to eliminate that third dimension, which I’ve been a slave to all my professional career.  Whatever the reason, these slightly abstract images hang on my own walls at home much longer than my landscapes.

Bellagio photo workshop

Bellagio Wall Peel

Any camera you happen to have will do, with a 35mm or 50mm lens.  You don’t need a tripod necessarily, in fact the process of moving around laterally and vertically to organize the graphics on the wall are made more difficult by the tripod. This is an assignment you can photograph for sheer pleasure, and in just about any street you find yourself.

Montalcino Red

When you get an interesting one, try enlarging one of these simple two dimensional images.  You’ll find they have a wonderful effect in large sized prints, 36×54” or larger.